Acquisitions from Storage Solutions in Los Angeles, California


We are looking for new locations to develop our self-storage facilities.

We Offer a First-rate, Flexible Acquisition Program

Storage Solutions has made a strong commitment to acquire additional investment-grade facilities and is particularly well positioned to do so. We have a reputation for closing a deal. We have access to capital at competitive rates and have the financial sophistication and willingness to structure a transaction to address a seller's unique needs.

Quick Closings

Storage Solutions is structured to be decisive and to make commitments quickly. Our acquisitions team is the best in the industry. Committed to identifying and addressing each seller's unique needs, Storage Solutions can move quickly, having the flexibility and knowledge to structure transactions in a variety of ways.

We Are Ready to Work With You

We are confident that we can structure a transaction that meets your own individual needs. Contact Storage Solutions today to learn how our acquisitions program can work for you!

We thank you for your interest and we look forward to talking with you soon.

Storage Solutions