Protection Plan

Store with Confidence!

Storage Solutions understands that unforeseen and unexpected losses can happen. To better protect your stuff, all tenants are required to insure their property while in storage. That’s why Storage Solutions proudly offers protection to new and existing customers to satisfy our insurance requirement. We offer a variety of plans that are specifically designed for self-storage. If it’s worth storing, it’s worth protecting!

All leases that are protected with SecureLease:

  • Have no deductible
  • Are responsible for the new replacement cost for your goods
  • Take responsibility in the event of theft
  • Take responsibility for water damage in the event of windstorm, roof leak, and broken pipes
  • Take responsibility for household and commercial goods
  • Cover document recreation reimbursements
  • Protect cars/rv/boats stored inside units


  • Purchased along with your storage rental, your belongings are protected the moment you sign the protection plan addendum.
  • Just like your storage space, the protection plan renews automatically each month*
  • Protection continues as long as you are current on your monthly rent and stops when you vacate the unit.
  • Homeowners/renters/business often have steep deductibles and filing a claim can be time consuming and raise your premiums
  • In the event something happens to your belongings, our claims process is simple and straightforward.

Contact your local Storage Solutions facility for more information!

*If you wish to use your own insurance, bring us a copy of your proof of insurance and we will discontinue the protection plan.

This self storage facility and operator is not liable for loss or damage to your stored property. It is your responsibility to insure your goods while they are stored at our property. We recommend that you contact your insurance agent to determine if your existing policy applies to your goods while they are in storage. This self storage facility does not provide insurance. This facility operator is not an insurance company. This website page is a general description of the Protection Plan coverage and is not a contract or insurance policy.

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